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At Rathborne, our mission isn't just to shape the world, but to shape it better. We bringing the best together from around the world, enabling them to enhance the quality of everyone's existence. We are a multinational conglomeration of technical, financial, and venture enterprises giving the companies of today the leverage they need to produce more, faster, better, and more powerfully.

From your living room to the most inhospitable places on planet earth and beyond, Rathborne technology and innovation help extend the bounds and redefine the shape of mankind's influence and dominion. It's your planet, we just work on it.

  • Rathborne Launches Center for Geo-Engineering Excellence
  • Rathborne will establish a global centre for geo-engineering excellence in the United Arab Emirates initially focused on rail and marine engineering projects.

  • Rathborne Financial Report 2012
  • Rathborne Industries announced business results for 2012 that demonstrate the company’s continued financial strength and solid performance across multiple industries with a revenue growth rate of 33%

  • Standing Behind What We Do, Doing What We Believe Possible
  • See how dedication, innovation, and teamwork enable Rathborne to design and build quality projects.

  • Find a Carreer
  • As a nationally divested institution co-incorporated in multiple protectorates,Rathborne scours the planet for the best and brightest minds and gives them the resources they need in an environment free from regulatory oppression and oversight. If you come, you will build it.

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"Subterene 2.0" device sent to explore newly discovered mountain expanse in Antarctic sub-region. Geo-engineering division awarded prestigious role.

April 20, 2013

Every day, we work hard to build a more sustainable world. We work hard to ensure that we are a good steward at our worksites and in our communities. A new Business Roundtable report, "Create, Grow, Sustain: How Companies Are Doing Well by Doing Good,” details the efforts of nearly 150 companies, including Rathborne, to be responsible members of our local and world communities.

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Rathborne chosen as principal contributor on lucrative Aerospace Contracts for key industry bellwether.

February 22, 2013

Nicknamed the Starfire2, this new operations station will serve as a wide field payload delivery platform ensuring a true over-the-horizon range with a time-to-station considerably less than that of even the most advanced atmospheric prototypes.

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